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Top 10 Best Golf Players In India of All Time

For sure, golf isn’t as popular as cricket and football in India, but slowly and steadily, the craze for this professional sport is on the rise. The reason for golf not getting enough attention in India is that it is such a sport that you’d have to put in quite a lot of effort to enter. First off, you’d have to have financial resources to back you up and keep playing golf, and then there is the actual game-playing aspect where you’d have to learn how to play golf.

But thanks to some real gems or the famous golf figures or players from India that are contributing to popularizing this sport and making it more mainstream year after year. And guess what? Today’s post is all about just that because here we will be taking a look at the top 10 best golf players in India. So if you are here for just that, then keep on reading. Here we go.

List of Best Golf Players In India Ever

1. Jeev Milkha Singh

Jeev Milkha Singh

You’ve probably heard of Jeev Milkha Singh, a big name in Indian professional golfing, right? With sports running in his blood, thanks to his legendary athlete father Milkha Singh, it’s no wonder he’s left such a mark on the sport. Breaking the mold in 2007, he was the first Indian golfer to join the Masters’ Tournament, and he didn’t stop there, he played in a ton of other major championships. That’s something to talk about, right? Well, his achievements opened doors for other Indian golfers to step onto the global stage. Besides his personal feats, Jeev has played a key role in putting Indian golf on the map, inspiring the next generation of golfers.

2. Jyoti Randhawa

Jyoti Randhawa

Let us introduce you to Jyoti Randhawa, another pro golfer from India, who’s been killing it on both the Asian Tour and the European Tour since turning pro in ’94. With nine wins on the Asian Tour, including three titles in 2002, it’s safe to say he’s made quite a name for himself. He’s not just playing for himself, though. As a role model and mentor, he’s been instrumental in the growth of golf in India, sharing his wisdom and experiences with the future stars of the sport. Through his global representation, he’s been amplifying the visibility of Indian golf on a global scale.

3. Anirban Lahiri

Anirban Lahiri

Next up, we have Anirban Lahiri, an actual big deal in Indian golfing who’s been making waves both domestically and internationally. Turning pro in 2007, Lahiri’s wins on the Asian Tour and the European Tour have certainly put him on the map. He gained plenty of attention in 2015 as the first Indian golfer to compete in the Presidents Cup. Not just a pretty swing, Lahiri’s also a role model for the next-gen of Indian golfers, showing them that their dreams are attainable. You can give all the credit for his success to his rigorous training routine and steadfast dedication to the game.

4. Aditi Ashok

Aditi Ashok

This Indian prodigy swung into the sport at a young age and turned pro in 2016 when she was just 18. She’s got an impressive amateur career behind her with several wins both in India and abroad. Aditi also made a splash at the Rio Olympics in 2016, becoming the youngest female golfer to compete in the event. With a rock-solid game, Aditi’s success on the international stage has brought much-deserved attention to Indian women’s golf. She’s also opened up doors for Indian girls, inspiring them to follow their golfing dreams. Her barrier-breaking journey and promising future prospects make her a real game-changer in Indian golf.

5. Arjun Atwal

Arjun Atwal

Next, we have Arjun Atwal on the list, one of India’s most successful golfers. Going pro in 1995, he’s had an impressive run on the Asian Tour with several wins, including the 2000 Singapore Open and the 2002 Hero Honda Masters. Atwal hit the international golfing scene in a big way with his win on the PGA Tour in 2010. That victory was more than just a personal achievement, it put Indian golf in the global spotlight. Atwal’s also been a mentor to upcoming Indian golfers, nurturing talent and representing India on the global stage. His contribution to Indian golf extends beyond the greens, fostering a sense of national pride.

6. Sharmila Nicollet

Sharmila Nicollet

When we talk about accomplished individuals in Indian golf, Sharmila Nicollet surely springs to mind. Having embarked on her golf journey at a tender age, Sharmila rose from a promising young golfer to a well-respected professional golfer. She flipped the switch to professionalism at the ripe age of 18 in 2009, and there was no looking back. She etched her name in golf tournaments, both home and away, standing shoulder to shoulder with seasoned golfers on the field. Her career, resplendent with noteworthy milestones, includes being crowned as the youngest Indian golfer to qualify for the Ladies European Tour in 2011. With her charismatic golfing prowess, she broke barriers and made a path for future female golfers in India, truly an inspiring figure.

7. Shubhankar Sharma

Shubhankar Sharma

If we talk about rising stars in the scene of Indian golf, it’s hard to miss Shubhankar Sharma. He caught the world’s eye in 2017 when he clinched the Joburg Open, earning a coveted place in the prestigious WGC-Mexico Championship. Not only did he grace the Championship, but he also astoundingly led the field after the third round, ultimately securing a commendable ninth position. These victories indeed put him on the map not just in India but in the global golfing arena. His journey, from a young, talented golfer to a role model for budding Indian golfers, is an encouraging narrative of dreaming big and striving hard to turn those dreams into reality.

8. Rahil Gangjee

Rahil Gangjee

Born on October 2, 1978, in Kolkata, India, Gangjee has built an enviable career in the Asian Tour and the Japan Golf Tour. Since turning professional in 1999, he has consistently shown his mettle and contributed significantly to the Indian golf scene. Over his two-decade-long career, he has embodied resilience and passion for the sport, rising against the tide, and making India proud on various international golf platforms. His undying spirit for the game is a source of inspiration for aspiring Indian golfers.

9. Gaganjeet Bhullar

Gaganjeet Bhullar

Gaganjeet Bhullar, a professional golfer from India, has carved his niche in the sport with consistent and noteworthy performances. Turning professional in 2006, Bhullar has shown that consistency and mental resilience are keys to truly shining in the game. With multiple titles in the Asian Tour and a title in the European Tour, Bhullar’s golfing career is a testament to his indomitable spirit and dedication. His success story has undoubtedly inspired a new generation of players and has played a pivotal role in promoting golf in India.

10. Shiv Kapur

Shiv Kapur


Shiv Kapur has had an illustrious career in both the Asian Tour and the European Tour. He turned professional in 2004, and with victories like the Volvo Masters of Asia and the Indian Open under his belt, he swiftly became a recognizable figure in the golfing fraternity. His contributions to Indian golf and his ability to perform under pressure are commendable. As one of the pioneers of Indian golf, his success has inspired many budding Indian golfers and has put Indian golf on the global map.


That’ll do it. Now you know who are these top and best golf players hailing from India, what their backstory is, and what makes them so special to be called as one of the “Best” golf players in the country. Right?

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