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The Best Baby Safety Helmets In India 2023 [Head Protector]

As a parent, we want our children to stay protected every time. The most vulnerable time for any kid is when he is learning to walk or still growing up. The head is the most delicate part of our body, and it is the most vulnerable part too. Many times, the baby will fall while walking. The baby may even collide with the furniture and other stuff at home. You surely don’t want to interrupt the learning process for the baby, but at the same time, you should ensure that the head of the baby stays protected.

To protect the head of your little one, you can buy protective gear specially designed for infants and toddlers. These helmets add a layer of protection for the baby, keeping them protected. These head gears will also relieve stress for you, and you comfortably allow the baby to play around. Today, many parents get safety helmets for babies in India as these helmets can protect the baby from blunt force trauma or any sharp object trauma that can cause a laceration.

As experts, we understand your concern, and that is why we have compiled this list for you. On this list, you will find the top 7 best baby safety helmets available in India. Go ahead and check them out below.

Why Use a Baby Safety Helmet?

Best Baby Safety Helmets In India

As you know, the baby safety helmet is designed to protect the head of the baby from any impact. These helmets come with thick padding, and they are very lightweight. At the same time, these have a lot of space between the padding strips, making these helmets very well ventilated. The baby safety helmet is essential for babies and toddlers because they are very vulnerable to injuries. While running or playing, they don’t realize that they can get injured because of the objects present around them. Even a fall on the floor can prove to be catastrophic.

The problem with head injuries is that they can be very severe. Some injuries may only leave swelling on the head, but some may need immediate medical attention. We are sure that you don’t want to monitor the baby all the time so that they can grow up themselves. To be in the right spot, you can get a baby safety helmet for yourself, which will help you take your eyes off the baby. The baby safety helmet protects the baby in the best possible way without interrupting the learning process.

Best Selling Baby Safety Helmets in India

Let us now look at the best baby safety helmets in India. Go ahead and check them out below –

1. DearJoy Baby Safety Helmet with Corner Guard

DearJoy Baby Safety Helmet with Corner Guard

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If you are looking for the best baby safety helmet, you should check out the option from DearJoy. This is an affordable baby safety helmet that comes with an adjustable design. The fabric has a mesh padding that makes it highly breathable. Even on the Head, ventilation strips make the design more comfortable for the baby. Apart from the head, the second body part that gets bruised is the knees. So, this brand offers knee pads for added protection to the baby. This baby safety helmet also has additional corner guards that offer protection on collision with the corners in the house.


  • The helmet can be used between 1 year and five years.
  • The design is lightweight, and the ventilation levels are excellent.
  • The IXPE foam offers ultimate protection.
  • This baby safety helmet is available in 4 colour options.
  • The brand offers free knee protectors with the baby safety helmet.


  • Nothing that we could notice.

2. Keepcare Baby Safety Helmet

Keepcare Baby Safety Helmet

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If you are looking for a lightweight baby safety helmet, you must check out the offering from Keepcare. This helmet weighs only 60 grams, and it is made of excellent material. The material won’t irritate the skin of the baby. The mesh design also ensures optimal ventilation for the helmet. The baby will be comfortable wearing this helmet for hours, and the credit goes to the design. The padding on this baby safety helmet is placed strategically to prevent any injury. The helmet also has an additional cotton lining which absorbs the sweat and makes the helmet very comfortable. The line of vision is also not blocked after wearing this helmet, and hence it remains a top choice for the babies.


  • You can use this helmet from the age of 8 months till the baby turns five years old.
  • The helmet is five colour options.
  • The brand uses breathable cotton on this baby safety helmet.
  • The helmet’s weight is very light, and it weighs only 60 grams.
  • The material is soft & flexible.


  • Nothing that we could notice.

3. LILTOES Baby Safety Helmet with Kneepad

LILTOES Baby Safety Helmet with Kneepad

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Moving on to the next option, we have a baby safety helmet from Liltoes. This is a very popular brand across the country. The facing & the lining of the material is made of 100% cotton. The helmet has a filling of IXPE, which absorbs the shock to the maximum levels. The helmet can prevent any injury to the head. The best part about this helmet is that you can adjust the size. You can adjust it between 43 cm to 56 cm. because of the adjustable size, the baby can wear the helmet until he turns five years old. The knee pads provided by the brand also saves the baby from bruises on the knee. So, this baby safety helmet will offer comprehensive protection for the baby.


  • It is available in 8 colour options.
  • You can adjust the helmet size.
  • The material is ultra-soft, and the helmet weighs just 65 grams.
  • The cotton lining absorbs sweat, and the mesh creates space for ventilation.
  • The brand offers free knee pads with this product.


  • The quality of the clip could have been better.

4. SYGA Baby Helmet Toddler Head Protector Upgrade Infant Safety Helmet

SYGA Baby Helmet Toddler Head Protector Upgrade Infant Safety Helmet

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If you have already covered all the corners of the house and are looking for a baby safety helmet that protects the baby from large objects, you can check out this option from SYGA. You can use this helmet for babies between the age of 6 months and three years. The helmet has huge spacers on the top, allowing proper air circulation. If you live in a city where the temperature soars high during the summer, this could be an appropriate option. Apart from this, the quality of the strap of this helmet is impressive. It offers the right level of tightness without making the baby uncomfortable. Lastly, you can hand wash this baby safety helmet when it gets dirty.


  • This is the most affordable baby safety helmet on our list.
  • You can wash this baby safety helmet at home.
  • It has a huge space on the top that offers proper air circulation.
  • It is available in 5 colour options.
  • The strap holds the helmet firmly.


  • The helmet offers limited protection from the corners.

5. MIMISKU Baby Safety Helmet with Corner Guard

MIMISKU Baby Safety Helmet with Corner Guard

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If you are not specific about the choice of colour or if you love the camo design, you can also check out this option from Mimisku. This helmet is only available in camo colour, and it looks pretty amazing. The helmet protects the child from bumps and corners, and the integrated corner guard is the most useful feature of this helmet. Like other helmets on our list, this helmet also has a mesh design with cotton liners. The helmet also uses IXPE foam to absorb the shocks. You can adjust the circumference of this baby safety helmet between 43 cm to 56 cm.


  • It is one of the most baby safety helmets available in the market.
  • The helmet’s size is adjustable, so you can use it until the baby turns 5.
  • The mesh design, along with the cotton liner, makes it comfortable to wear.
  • The IXPE form is of high quality.
  • This baby safety helmet can be washed at home.


  • There are no colour options available with this baby safety helmet.

How To Choose The Right Baby Safety Helmet?

If you are a first-time parent or are going to use the baby helmet for the first time, you would need some additional guidance. To cater to your need, we have listed this comprehensive buying guide to help you choose the right baby safety helmet. Go ahead and check out the pointers below.

  • Size of Helmet

The first point to consider here is the size of the helmet. You will be able to choose the size as per the baby’s age. However, there are some versatile options available that have a common size. You can use these options till the baby turns five, and hence they prove to be a lot more versatile than anything else.

  • Corner Protection

Some baby safety helmets come without corner protection, whereas some have additional corner protection. You should not be surprised when we tell you that, in maximum cases, the corner is the culprit. So, while buying the baby safety helmet, ensure that the helmet has corner protection available. This is an essential feature of the baby safety helmet.

  • Ventilated

You would not want the baby to throw away the helmet because he feels hot inside. This will defeat the purpose of the baby safety helmet. Moreover, the baby can become irate because of the heat. So, ensure that you check the ventilation associated with the baby safety helmet. This will make the experience more comfortable for the baby.

  • Chin Strap

You should also look at the quality of the strap of the baby safety helmet. The chin strap must be tightly secured, but at the same time, it should be soft. The strap should not lead to any bruises. The baby’s skin is susceptible, and hence the strap should be extra soft. Moreover, the buckle of the baby’s safety helmet should be safe so that the baby’s skin doesn’t get caught in it.

  • Washable

Since the baby will wear its safety helmet while playing, be assured that it will get soiled very quickly. We are sure that you wouldn’t want to strap the dirty helmet on the baby’s head. In such a case, you should check out if the helmet that you are buying is washable or not. It would be even better to have a helmet that can be washed in the washing machine.

  • Quality of Foam

The amount of protection offered by the baby safety helmet depends on foam quality. Ensure that the foam is filled with good quality material and can absorb the impact. The foam should also be free from BPA, odour and other toxic compounds. Apart from this, check the quality of the other material used in the helmet.

  • Weight

You should also look at the weight of the baby’s safety helmet. The helmet should be very lightweight so that it doesn’t bring extra stress on the baby’s neck. The lighter the helmet is, the more comfortable the baby will be while wearing it. Please don’t get bulky helmets for the baby.

  • Budget

Talking about the budget, you will be able to find a baby safety helmet close to Rs 500. There are many options available in the Indian market, and they are very budget-friendly. You can explore these options, and you will find that most of the options available are priced between Rs 400 and Rs 700.

  • Colours & Designs

The last to consider is the colour and design. You would want the helmets in cute colours which looks very attractive. The good thing is that most brands offer a wide range of designs & colours. This should help you meet your requirements around the design.

 Bottom Line

These are some of the best options for the baby safety helmet available in India. While shortlisting the products, we paid attention to the various criteria, which has helped us choose the best products for you. The baby safety helmet is available at an affordable price, and you must add this accessory for your baby. Once the baby can walk correctly, you can get rid of the baby’s safety helmet and let the baby explore the environment openly.

Ideally, you would be able to use the baby safety helmet from the age of 2 months to 5 years. Most of the helmets have the standard size, so you would not need to change them. So, you can also explore the options and buy the baby safety helmet according to your needs. This should be a part of growing up, and don’t be scared of minor cuts & bruises. We hope that the list will help you choose the best baby safety helmet for your baby. In case of any questions or any feedback, please drop a comment below.


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