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7 Most Selling Beer Under 200 Rupees in India

Beer consumers in India across the vibrant beer industry have griped to affordability and flavor as being essential. Consumers have taken up different brands going under 200 Rupees refreshing alternatives at an affordable cost. Beer is a refreshing mild alcoholic beverage brewed from grains with a content flavored by the infused hop, spices, and fruits. It is already acclaimed worldwide as well as healthy. In India’s sizzling summer season, inexpensive refreshing drinks such as beer are highly in demand. This paper talks about the top-selling beers in India 2024, giving a wide selection to people who do not mind enjoying a glass of cold beer without compromising on its quality. Well known classics and exciting newcomers meet customers’ different tastes. These alternatives continue to maintain affordability and quality in the beer drinking experience as the beer industry continues to advance, allowing a refreshing break to the hot Indian heat.

Beer Under 200 Rupees in India

1. Kingfisher Beer – The King of Summer: INR 140

Kingfisher Beer

Kingfisher Beer is a timeless classic that epitomizes summertime happiness. A 500-ml bottle costs an enticing INR 140. Thanks to its crisp taste and smooth finish, this popular beer from Kingfisher has long been a favorite among beer lovers throughout the country. Whether it’s savored at formal gatherings or casual celebrations, Kingfisher Beer’s affordability and superior quality make it a stalwart in the Indian beer sector. Kingfisher is the best beer in India ever. For the Indian people, it’s a refreshing midsummer gift from their own country, sent by God. Consumers often rate Kingfisher beer highly on taste, value, and affordability. It is owned and brewed by the well-known United Breweries of India. It’s an inexpensive beer, coming in at INR 140 for a 500 ml bottle. While Kingfisher, India’s best beer, is appreciated nationwide, Goa, Delhi, Maharashtra, Kerala, and North India are the places where it is most popular. There are at least seven different types available in India, and each has a distinct taste and intensity. However, Kingfisher’s flagship version is the Kingfisher Premium Larger.

2. Budweiser – The King of Beers in the World: INR 180


Beer lovers worldwide call Budweiser “The King of Beers in the World.” Budweiser’s 500 ml bottle costs INR 180, offering quality without the expensive price. Due to its long history and commitment to excellence, Budweiser appeals to people globally including Indians. This makes it a popular choice for those seeking the finest in global brewing. According to our calculations, Budweiser is India’s second-best beer. With a worldwide beer industry worth over eighteen billion dollars, Budweiser is a top seller in India. Two German immigrants founded it in 1876 in the US. A-B InBev World Brewing Company still makes it. It is alcoholic at 4-6%. It’s a popular beer brand in India, especially in cities. In India, a 500 ml Budweiser Magnum CAN costs 180 INR.

3. Godfather Beer – Gift of God: INR 190

Godfather Beer

Godfather Beer’s 650 ml bottle costs INR 190 and is marketed as a beer lover’s gift. This more costly beer has a distinct taste and drinking experience. The Godfather Beer brand delivers a superb beer experience at an economical price. Since 2015, Godfather Beer has become one of India’s top beer brands. B9 Beverages brews Godfather after 2019. In eastern India, 10 million cases are eaten yearly. There are three main Godfather beer variants in India, but the strong beer is famous. This beer has won over many Indians with its low pricing and great taste.

4. Bira 91 – Imagined in India: 185 INR

Bira 91

Bira 91, for INR 185 for a 650 ml bottle, represents Indian beer’s creativity. Bira 91’s appeal to craft beer lovers has made it popular among consumers looking for a modern and delicious beer option. It uses excellent ingredients and a unique Indian touch to satisfy a clientele that values taste and individuality in beer. It is a good choice for Indian youth above 22. Bira’s motto, “live with us,” is true—it’s a celebration and gathering beverage in India. A light-bodied, refreshing, and 200 INR beer brand from Gurgaon, India, was launched in 2015. B9 Beverages brewery makes this kid’s cool drink. Cities have the majority of it in India. The Indian market offers five Bira 91 types, including Bira White. The year prior, the company sold 10 million cases in India.

5. Corona – Find Your Best: INR 280


Corona remains a luxury import in India, costing INR 280 for a 355 ml bottle. It’s distinctive flavor and global appeal entice many consumers searching for a taste of other countries while just surpassing the 200 Rupee threshold. Corona remains a popular choice for those willing to pay more for international beer. However, it is one of India’s best beer brands, and partygoers will love its taste, price, and quality. The Modelo in Mexico planned to give the world extraordinary gifts in 1925 with a solid ideological base. Corona is India’s most popular foreign beer, especially in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Goa, and Uttar Pradesh. Corona released five variants throughout time. Corona Extra is the best in India. Last year, 11 million Corona cases sold out in India.

6. Heineken – Open Your World with Heineken: INR 170


With its distinct flavor, Heineken invites customers to “Open your world” with a 500 ml bottle for INR 170. Heineken, a global favorite, is still popular in India on account of its green bottle and good brewing standards. In India, Carlsberg is a ubiquitous brand. The beer brand Heineken is known worldwide. It is currently one of India’s best beers and is consumed at home, in restaurants, bars, and clubs. Dr. Elion in the Netherlands invented pale lager in 1873. The company debuted it in 1990 in the world’s largest beer market. Northern and western Indians enjoy it initially. India has four main varieties: mild, strong, and lager. Yet, Heineken reigns supreme. The best beer in India around 2000 INR is inexpensive and wonderful for socializing.


In the ever-evolving landscape of India’s beer market, the options under 200 Rupees offer a diverse and flavorful range for beer enthusiasts. From established favorites like Kingfisher and Budweiser to newer entrants like Ezoic and White Rhino, each beer brand brings its unique flavor profile and positioning to cater to the diverse preferences of consumers. Whether it’s the classic taste of Kingfisher or the international appeal of Budweiser, the most selling beers under 200 Rupees in India in 2024 ensure that affordability and quality remain at the forefront of the beer-drinking experience.


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